The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting

You May Want to think Twice Before Grabbing That Chair

I bet you never thought “the chair” could be a deadly weapon against your health.  Well, you may want to think twice before “copping a sit” for hours on end in front of that television, computer or iphone.

Time to Move

Here are a few facts and statistics as to why:

  1. Sitting for extended periods of time can raise the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and premature death, even for people who meet their daily exercise requirements recommended by health professionals.
  2. If you sit for more than 3 hours each day, your risk for kidney disease increases.
  3. Sitting too long can cause what is called “nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.” Yuck!
  4. Sitting for more than 6 hours a day raises your risk of death, even if you workout!  For men, 6 hour a day sitters who exercise increase their death rate another 18% higher than those who sit under 3 hours a day. For women, 6 Hour a day sitters who exercise are 37% more likely to die over 14 years then those who sit less than 3 hours a day. Holy Smokes! If that isn’t incentive to get off that tush, I don’t know what is!
  5. Every hour you sit in front of the T.V. your life expectancy is slashed by 22 minutes.
  6. Watching T.V. for 6 hours a day can take 5 years off your life!  Is there anything good enough on television to watch for 6 hours anyway?

What if I am not watching television for 6 hours a day, but I have to sit all day at a computer and desk? Is it all hopeless for me? Nothere is good news for those of you who do sit at work daily and that good news is this.

Get up and walk for better health

Interrupting long periods of sitting with as little as 2 minute breaks doing some light or moderate activity such as…

  • walking around
  • getting up from your desk and moving
  • going for a walk at lunch

…helps control glucose and insulin levels. In addition, you will provide better circulation and help in preventing chronic joint and muscle pain from simply sitting all day every day. That’s right…sitting can cause pain and body issues along with internal health issues! Now that alone is worth getting up and moving!

Stay out of the Death Trap and cut your risk factor for mortality by moving off and away from the chair. It will add years to your life and keep you far healthier in the long run…And…it just may keep that “derriere” from expanding as well!

 Need more incentive and motivation to get off that chair and move? Come join the AVC Elite Training Crew by not only getting in top notch physical condition, but extending your life keeping disease and illness at bay. 

Strengthening Weaknesses & Correcting Imbalances

So two frightened Elephants walk into a bar and sit down and when they notice their bartender is a mouse……

I discovered Amy through my sister.  I had just started working out at another place and was making very good progress, but felt I needed to take things up a notch.  I made the decision to join AVC Elite Training, giving it a shot and not really knowing what to expect.Walking dumbell lunges

I had heard how brutal Amy’s Training sessions could be, but when I met Amy she was a sweet person and I thought to myself …”Well, this won’t be that bad.”

I found out very quickly just how out of shape I was as it took me about 1 month before I could make it all the way through one of Amy’s Training Sessions.  When I did complete a full one, I felt incredible.

AVC Elite Training makes you feel like you have really accomplished something just after completing one single training session. It is challenging and tough, but makes you feel great and wanting more.

Amy does everything she can to get each person into shape safely and effectively.  Her training will get you where you want to go in getting you into the best physical condition of your life.

Single leg kettlebell lungeOn a personal level, the one thing I credit her with the most is that I have always had a very weak right shoulder. Due to the type of training and conditioning we do, I have strengthened those weaknesses and imbalances in my body.

I was always embarrassed that I could not bench press much weight. The other day I threw up 225 pounds 10 times. I felt great about that and know that I have made some definite progress in my strength and abilities.

Thank you very much Amy for all the torture you have put me through and all the times you have made me laugh.

p.s. You can either be a scared elephant or a mouse that roars.

~ Chad

Got functional fitness imbalances or nagging weakness? Talk to Amy today about how you too can modify within small group sessions and achieve the strength and balance you desire.

Functional Fitness Results Came Quickly

Before I began AVC Elite Training I was reasonably fit. At my checkup, the doctor said for my age (58) my blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate were great. I have cycled weekly for over 30 years and it’s helped to keep my vital statistics in step.

traveling-pushup-58years-strongWhat my yearly physical did not detect, was complete loss of flexibility, repeated back pain and severe hamstring cramps whenever I tried to run ½ mile. In addition, my core strength was nonexistent.  I was not able to complete one pushup or sit-up.

In October I began training with AVC Elite Training. Results came quickly. By December I increased my flexibility, lost eight pounds and increased my core strength. I can now handle multiple sit-ups and pushups. With Amy’s guidance, I saw a physical therapist and began a stretching routine that has eliminated my back and hamstring issues.

Dumbell rowbacksBesides the benefit of better health, the number one reason I continue to attend Amy’s sessions is because they are a blast. Amy works us hard, but her enthusiasm and humor make it worth all the effort.  It’s a great group dedicated to exercise and having fun!

~ Tim

What the #$*@&% is Elite Training?

So it’s like CrossFit? Nope, it’s better.  Or maybe like HIIT? Well, that’s just part of it.

Get Fit Fast ScamsI get it. It’s a confusing fitness market with lots of gimmicks and get fit quick schemes.

So how do you tell the difference and pick something that gives you what you want?

Visible results, strength, health, encouragement and enjoyment.

AVC Elite Training is a comprehensive training program encompassing:

  • Metabolic Resistance Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Agility and Plyometric Training
  • Functional Training
  • Core Control and Strengthening

Here’s the honest truth. Many people involved in training programs at this level don’t last. Great intentions are there at the beginning being backed by goals such as weight loss, improved fitness gains, sport’s performance enhancement or simply improvements in overall health. But people get distracted and busy with life or find excuses. And that’s ok, we’re not for everyone.

At this point, you might still be asking “What makes AVC Elite Training long term and not just a fad” like so many other training and workout programs?

Here’s my secret…

  • Quality Instruction providing modifications and individualized instruction meeting the needs of each participant.
  • Safety and injury prevention is always foremost while always keeping the trainee challenged. Too many people are getting hurt out there executing (or trying to execute) far too advanced movements being pushed by overzealous trainers that are only putting the trainee at risk for injury.
  • Science based programming that follows proper progression striking the fine balance of pushing the trainee past their comfort zone while achieving success and results!
  • A friendly, positive, motivating and supportive environment. Everyone encourages one another.
  • Fun Functional FitnessFUN! We take our training seriously, but always keep a sense of humor providing lots of laughs. This is a rare quality when executing this type of challenging work among a group. Take out the fun factor and the training becomes like most others out there….pure drudgery!
  • It’s never boring! No two training sessions are alike. You – and your body – will always be wondering “what’s next?”
  • Not just dumbbells…we have the BEST fitness toys to play with!
  • Not limited to age or gender, accommodating most skill levels.

There is a difference in choosing a top notch training and workout program. But don’t just take my word for it. Hear it from fellow trainees who share their first-hand stories. And when you are ready, come and experience the difference yourself. Check out upcoming sessions of AVC Elite Training today.

Train Like A Kid

Do you remember when you were a kid doing lots of different physical activity without even really realizing it? From jumping rope, the monkey bars, running, skipping, climbing trees, playing hopscotch, jumping over cracks “not to break your Mom’s back,” we were continually on the move as kids.

Train like a kid again

We did all of these things years ago and yet never gave a thought to them as “training or working out.” We were simply having fun and as a consequence getting incredibly strong and fit to boot. We refined our skills each time we were at “play” learning to move better, improving our coordination and “feel” for a certain activity while gaining better control of our bodies.  We loved to play!

Now as adults, we have pretty much lost all of those skills and tend to gravitate to the more mundane straight forward motion of “exercise.”

Why not reclaim your fitness just as if you were a kid again?  
Rethink your current training or workout program. It’s time to mix things up where you bring more challenge, more dimension into your training while keeping it fresh, ever changing and exciting!

Teach and train your body to become more functionally fit, symmetrically balanced, super strong, incredibly coordinated, more agile, more metabolically efficient (especially now that we’re older) and most importantly…put the fun back into fitness as it once was when we were kids!

Don’t remain stuck in the same ole training patterns that don’t do much to stimulate change, can contribute to injury, and sadly contribute to “burn out” or worse …quitting altogether!

See for yourself why AVC Elite Training changes a life for the better. You will “play” hard just as you did when you were a kid, bringing fun and challenges back in becoming ultra fit!