The Top 6 Reasons Your Body LOVES Muscle Ropes

At AVC Elite Training, we love muscle ropes. More than a cool retro fitness tool, we have six key reasons to incorporate muscle roping into our ongoing training.

  1. Muscle Roping WorkoutMuscle ropes are one of the most efficient ways to push your muscles and metabolism to another level at the same time.
  2. Your body will be challenged in a way that no cardio machine, free weight, or weight machine had ever done before.
  3. Muscle ropes will change your entire body composition and make it more defined, stronger, and give you more endurance.
  4. Mixing in short bursts of maximum heart rate muscle rope undulations and you will not only build muscle, but you’ll simultaneously rev that metabolism to “turbo speed,” incinerating fat and calories. Muscle rope training will elevate your metabolism like no other with a potential EPOC (afterburn) effect of 36 hours which means the calorie burn continues on long after your workout and on through your daily work and activities.
  5. Roping FitnessMuscle Ropes will continually tax multiple muscles at once by instantly changing the workload from legs to shoulders, to the biceps and core. That’s 4 different muscle groups in one shot. Throw in some shuffles, squats, squat jumps, lunges and your body will be tapped out in no time getting killer results.
  6. And, last but not least….muscle ropes are FUN and NEVER boring, keeping our training fresh and challenging!

If you’re looking for great results, some killer challenges and never boring – always fresh and fun – training, come Ropin’ with the AVC Elite Training Crew.  You won’t regret it!

Functional Fitness Results Came Quickly

Before I began AVC Elite Training I was reasonably fit. At my checkup, the doctor said for my age (58) my blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate were great. I have cycled weekly for over 30 years and it’s helped to keep my vital statistics in step.

traveling-pushup-58years-strongWhat my yearly physical did not detect, was complete loss of flexibility, repeated back pain and severe hamstring cramps whenever I tried to run ½ mile. In addition, my core strength was nonexistent.  I was not able to complete one pushup or sit-up.

In October I began training with AVC Elite Training. Results came quickly. By December I increased my flexibility, lost eight pounds and increased my core strength. I can now handle multiple sit-ups and pushups. With Amy’s guidance, I saw a physical therapist and began a stretching routine that has eliminated my back and hamstring issues.

Dumbell rowbacksBesides the benefit of better health, the number one reason I continue to attend Amy’s sessions is because they are a blast. Amy works us hard, but her enthusiasm and humor make it worth all the effort.  It’s a great group dedicated to exercise and having fun!

~ Tim

Why Jumping Rope Makes You a Better Athlete

5 Reasons Why You Should Jump Rope

Jumping rope is great for all athletes. From the recreational athlete to the athlete involved in sports that rely on vertical explosiveness (think running, basketball, volleyball, etc.) Jumping rope is a highly effective skill that will enhance the athlete’s training – and therefore the athlete’s performance – for the following five key reasons.

1. Lower Body Recruitment

As the name jump rope implies, the muscles that get recruited in a major way are the calves and hamstrings receiving repetitive cJump rope postureontractions and springing of these muscles throughout the movement. Training these muscles through “roping,” will not only make you stronger, but will also help you become more efficient, and in turn will decrease the possibility for injury.

Jumping rope also works the muscles in the upper part of the legs – the quadriceps and the glutes, keeping your body’s anterior and posterior muscularly balanced.

Added bonus: These are largest muscles in the body being worked which means calories get incinerated big time!

2.  Wrist and Forearm Flexibility

Wrist, hand and forearm issues seem to becoming more and more prevalent due to constant repetitive motions whether from daily work, cell phones, texting, or extended hours of keyboard work on the computer. Jumping rope is a form of fitness that stimulates flexibility, dexterity and strength in these areas of the body. Jumping rope when using correct form and technique, requires spinning the rope around the body using your wrists and forearms. This will allow you to whip the rope around yourself very quickly. It is the repetition of this motion which strengthens your forearms, wrists and hands and will help prevent injury or other issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Abs and Core Stabilizers

jump-rope-workout-ab-tonerYour abdominal muscles are worked the entire time you are jumping rope as they act to balance and stabilize the rest of your body. The stronger your core, the better your balance, coordination and stability will be.

A strong core equals a better athlete. The next time you are jumping rope, focus on keeping your abs tight to not only encourage proper form and technique, but to give yourself an extra benefit from your training discovering just how core intense jumping rope truly is!

4.  Biceps, Triceps, Chest & Back Sculpting

When you become skilled at jumping rope your arm muscles, chest and back are also highly recruited. You will begin to feel your triceps and biceps burn as you progress into a more advanced jump rope workout. “Jumping Rope Tall,” means maintaining good posture, opening up the chest while elongating the back and spine. This requires practice and awareness the entire time you are roping which also requires strength. If it is sculpted arms you’re looking for, grab a rope and start jumping.

5. Heart Health

The longer and more frequently you jump rope, the better cardiovascular exercise jumping rope becomes. Boxers and MMA fighters have implemented jumping rope into their training for over a century to strengthen their heart and lungs.

Jumping rope increases stamina and endurance which compliments anyone’s training for whatever reason, sport or overall health and fitness. It is easy to tire out while jumping rope when you first begin, but like anything else, ease into it aiming for short intervals to start, and gradually increasing your duration, cadence and frequency as you become more skilled and in better overall physical condition.

Get Jumping

Jumping rope will work every muscle throughout your entire body, while improving your cardiovascular fitness. Jump rope in arzionaIn addition, it is a skill that improves coordination and agility. All you need is a rope, a little patience, some determination, and a towel to mop up the sweat!

Now you have it…..the 5 reasons why The AVC Elite Training crew jumps rope. Come jump with us!

Controlling Diabetes at Any Age

I am a 57 year old Type 1 Diabetic that was looking to lower my A1C blood test results from the 7+ mark that had become the norm and also to improve my core strength that I was seeing diminish with age.

TRX Pike Push UpI knew some loyal followers of AVC Elite Training and was impressed with the results they were experiencing. Within months I could feel & see the improvement in my core.

I continue to surprise myself with the level of fitness that I have attained and how natural it feels to push myself even further. Since starting this exercise regime, my A1C test results have been consistently 6.7 – 6.8. My doctor is impressed & so am I.


Don’t let diabetes – or other medical conditions – keep you from pursuing your health and fitness goals. Training modifications and heart rate monitoring can ensure both your safety and progress, especially within the encouraging community of AVC Elite Training. Contact Coach Amy and come check it out!