Saturday Scrambles

Saturday Scramble Punch Card Program

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What is the Super Saturday Scramble?

Take your fitness up (to even a higher) notch. Super Saturday ScrambleWhether a season athlete, fitness enthusiast or simply someone who wants a new challenge, the Super Saturday Scramble is your ticket!

Each Super Saturday Scramble is a different, dynamic mix of fitness activities, challenges and AVC Elite Training style cross training – all with a Natural Running core.

From trail runs to hitting the track, to urban challenges, you never know what will be next – nor will your body!

And that is the key to amping your fitness in every way!

Do I have to be a runner to scramble?

With the guidance of certified Newton Running Coach Amy, even those not confident in their running abilities need not worry. Individualized instruction and/or modifications will meet the needs of a range of fitness levels.

With skills and drills, you will be come a better runner, stronger fitness enthusiast and superior athlete by adding Saturday Scrambles to your routine.

Have fun training with a group of people while pushing yourself harder than working by yourself or in any typical class at the gym.

Saturday Scrambles are posted on our Facebook page and in our email newsletters. Each session is about 2 hours in length with varied start times to account for weather and course changes.

Are you ready to scramble?

Contact Coach Amy to reserve your spot today.