Plyometrics: A Runner’s Best Friend

What are Plyometrics?

Running PlyometricsPlyometrics are movements that involve jumping, hopping, bounding, pitching or throwing and catching weighted objects such as medicine balls, pushing off with the arms such as hitting a push up while “getting air.”

All plyometrics involve a rapid eccentric (meaning lengthening) and concentric (meaning shortening) muscle action. This form of training when executed correctly and implemented in a carefully organized progression can enhance all sports.

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What can plyometrics do for a runner?

  1. Plyometrics can enhance power in making a runner far stronger, while reducing the risk for injury.
  2. Plyometrics enhance mobility to joints, ligaments and tendons.
  3. Plyometrics make your running more efficient and faster, having better control while running.
  4. Pyometrics improve the spring in your running gait, allowing the body to absorb (coil) energy, and then release the energy (uncoil) with each stride taken.
  5. Plyometrics can improve upper body and core strength as well as lower body strength which give  the runner that edge by allowing the entire body to engage and share the workload.

Many runners simply run, training sport-specific while trying to achieve their results. Plyometrics introduce a challenge and training method that can only make the runner stronger, more efficient, while keeping them injury free if incorporated in a safe and organized progression.

Power up your training with plyometrics this season.  Contact Amy for a Newton Natural Running consultation in the metro Phoenix area and put plyometrics to work in your running.

Mudder Memories to Last a Lifetime

When Amy first mentioned she was interested in putting together a team for the Tough Mudder event, I was uncertain I could complete the run, let alone challenge myself to jump into 36 degree ice cold water, get shocked by electrical wires, and jump off a 20 foot wall, just to name a few of the obstacles we had to endure. Once I came on board and Amy started the training, I knew I was in good hands.

Tough Mudder Arizona TrainingAs a team, we trained just as though we were on the course at the actual TM event. We crawled thru tunnels, ran an average of 10 + miles each time we trained on those Saturday mornings, got down and dirty in the mud, crossed monkey bars, scaled walls and even jumped into a freezing cold swimming pool in winter months.

Amy went above and beyond to train us and prepare us for the endurance and stamina needed to complete Tough Mudder Arizona. Her dedication to this event was encouraging and propelled us all to do our best. We all accomplished physical and mental feats that went beyond our expectations.

When we trained we were out for 4 hours many times in the dark, cold and rain (and mud).  I truly think that is why we all finished Tough Mudder with such success.Tough Mudder Fire Run

We were well prepared and knew what we had to do. Becoming a part of the team and being trained by Amy is a memory I will never forget. The feeling of accomplishment in completing this physical and mental event was beyond description especially working together as TEAM AVC.

We shared something together that created a special bond of sister and brotherhood that will always remain in our hearts.  A life time memory indeed!

~ Patti

When was the last time you were inspired by being part of a team? Twice a week small group training gives you that opportunity. Challenge yourself, grow strong and share in the fitness accomplishments of a team again. Now in session – learn more today!

Controlling Diabetes at Any Age

I am a 57 year old Type 1 Diabetic that was looking to lower my A1C blood test results from the 7+ mark that had become the norm and also to improve my core strength that I was seeing diminish with age.

TRX Pike Push UpI knew some loyal followers of AVC Elite Training and was impressed with the results they were experiencing. Within months I could feel & see the improvement in my core.

I continue to surprise myself with the level of fitness that I have attained and how natural it feels to push myself even further. Since starting this exercise regime, my A1C test results have been consistently 6.7 – 6.8. My doctor is impressed & so am I.


Don’t let diabetes – or other medical conditions – keep you from pursuing your health and fitness goals. Training modifications and heart rate monitoring can ensure both your safety and progress, especially within the encouraging community of AVC Elite Training. Contact Coach Amy and come check it out!

Listen up Runners…You Need Cross Training

Did you know we lose strength and lean body mass at a rate much faster than any of us would like to know? And that is EVEN if you keep running. Running alone can’t stop the loss.

Running in ArizonaKicking off mile after mile isn’t enough stimulus to strengthen the body.  And a resistance or lifting program becomes even more  as the age of the runner increases.

Since running is pretty much a confined movement pattern that tends to ignore our comprehensive athletic skill development, it is important to challenge your total body as a runner.

What does this mean to you as a runner?

It means getting outside of your comfort zone and pushing the limits thru the implementation of diverse movement patterns that engage the body in ALL ways.

How can runners do this?

This is exactly how we train in small group sessions at AVC Elite Training. We continually mix things up, keeping the body challenged through the incorporation of:

  • Strength Work
  • Explosive Work
  • Core Strengthening and Control Work
  • Coordination and Agility Work
  • Balance Work
  • High Level Multi-Plane Work

Why is this important, even for an experienced runner?

Because functional, multidimensional training rewards a runner with:

  1. Decreased Injury Rates

  2. Improved Balance: After all, running is a series of single leg balances.

  3. Improved Speed and Agility: Both contribute to being a more skilled and efficient runner.

  4. Improved Jumping: Improving your spring and minimizing high loading rates that can cause stress fractures: Practice landing softly hitting those plyometrics.

  5. Improved Core Strength: Weaker Core= Weaker Runner

Runners on the Road

So even if you are not a runner or ever care to be, this form of training is beneficial for everyone to maintain a strong, healthy body and metabolism and slow down the aging process. And – above all and – MOST importantly, protecting and improving overall health!

Looking for a PR at your next race? Let Amy show you how AVC Elite Training can be the missing piece in your running training.

What the #$*@&% is Elite Training?

So it’s like CrossFit? Nope, it’s better.  Or maybe like HIIT? Well, that’s just part of it.

Get Fit Fast ScamsI get it. It’s a confusing fitness market with lots of gimmicks and get fit quick schemes.

So how do you tell the difference and pick something that gives you what you want?

Visible results, strength, health, encouragement and enjoyment.

AVC Elite Training is a comprehensive training program encompassing:

  • Metabolic Resistance Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Agility and Plyometric Training
  • Functional Training
  • Core Control and Strengthening

Here’s the honest truth. Many people involved in training programs at this level don’t last. Great intentions are there at the beginning being backed by goals such as weight loss, improved fitness gains, sport’s performance enhancement or simply improvements in overall health. But people get distracted and busy with life or find excuses. And that’s ok, we’re not for everyone.

At this point, you might still be asking “What makes AVC Elite Training long term and not just a fad” like so many other training and workout programs?

Here’s my secret…

  • Quality Instruction providing modifications and individualized instruction meeting the needs of each participant.
  • Safety and injury prevention is always foremost while always keeping the trainee challenged. Too many people are getting hurt out there executing (or trying to execute) far too advanced movements being pushed by overzealous trainers that are only putting the trainee at risk for injury.
  • Science based programming that follows proper progression striking the fine balance of pushing the trainee past their comfort zone while achieving success and results!
  • A friendly, positive, motivating and supportive environment. Everyone encourages one another.
  • Fun Functional FitnessFUN! We take our training seriously, but always keep a sense of humor providing lots of laughs. This is a rare quality when executing this type of challenging work among a group. Take out the fun factor and the training becomes like most others out there….pure drudgery!
  • It’s never boring! No two training sessions are alike. You – and your body – will always be wondering “what’s next?”
  • Not just dumbbells…we have the BEST fitness toys to play with!
  • Not limited to age or gender, accommodating most skill levels.

There is a difference in choosing a top notch training and workout program. But don’t just take my word for it. Hear it from fellow trainees who share their first-hand stories. And when you are ready, come and experience the difference yourself. Check out upcoming sessions of AVC Elite Training today.