Newton Natural Running

Amy is a certified Newton Natural Running™ Coach in Mesa, Arizona.

Natural Running by Danny AbshireAmy trained and was certified under the instruction of Danny Abshire, owner and creator of Newton Running Shoes and author of “Natural Running“. Ask yourself:

  • Are you a runner who is discouraged with running due to nagging aches, pains and/or injuries?
  • Have you ever wanted to run, but never considered it before due to thinking you weren’t capable or fit enough to run?
  • Do you find running to be just “too hard”?
  • Did you used to run, but gave it up due to injuries or hearing from doctors or other sports professionals that “running is bad for you or that it’s not a natural human function”?
  • Do you like to run, but always find your knees and/or back bothering you each time you attempt to run?

If you fall into any of these categories, you will want to find out more about Newton Natural Running!Natural Running by example

Amy can coach and teach you not only HOW to run correctly, but also give you the proper tools, shoes and guidance you need to provide you with being successful in your running for a lifetime!

Learn more about the AVC Elite Training Running Program and Natural Running Coaching with Amy.