Strengthening Weaknesses & Correcting Imbalances

So two frightened Elephants walk into a bar and sit down and when they notice their bartender is a mouse……

I discovered Amy through my sister.  I had just started working out at another place and was making very good progress, but felt I needed to take things up a notch.  I made the decision to join AVC Elite Training, giving it a shot and not really knowing what to expect.Walking dumbell lunges

I had heard how brutal Amy’s Training sessions could be, but when I met Amy she was a sweet person and I thought to myself …”Well, this won’t be that bad.”

I found out very quickly just how out of shape I was as it took me about 1 month before I could make it all the way through one of Amy’s Training Sessions.  When I did complete a full one, I felt incredible.

AVC Elite Training makes you feel like you have really accomplished something just after completing one single training session. It is challenging and tough, but makes you feel great and wanting more.

Amy does everything she can to get each person into shape safely and effectively.  Her training will get you where you want to go in getting you into the best physical condition of your life.

Single leg kettlebell lungeOn a personal level, the one thing I credit her with the most is that I have always had a very weak right shoulder. Due to the type of training and conditioning we do, I have strengthened those weaknesses and imbalances in my body.

I was always embarrassed that I could not bench press much weight. The other day I threw up 225 pounds 10 times. I felt great about that and know that I have made some definite progress in my strength and abilities.

Thank you very much Amy for all the torture you have put me through and all the times you have made me laugh.

p.s. You can either be a scared elephant or a mouse that roars.

~ Chad

Got functional fitness imbalances or nagging weakness? Talk to Amy today about how you too can modify within small group sessions and achieve the strength and balance you desire.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need FLUID

All Natural. Less Sugar. More Electrolytes.

FLUID Performance drink mixes are designed using all-natural ingredients Hydration Optionsto supply efficient energy, buffer lactic acid, and alleviate cramping during exercise. FLUID concentrates on providing a sports drink that has less sugar and more electrolytes than most other drink mixes on the market. With less sugar and additives, FLUID Performance is easier on the stomach and easier for your body to absorb. In addition, Fluid is light and easy to drink.

Carb Protein Balance. Lactose Free. Gluten Free.

FLUID Recovery drink mixes were the first product FLUID made, back in 2006). FLUID Recovery is a fortified recovery drink with a 4:1 carbohydrate-protein blend. The protein comes entirely from whey protein isolate (the result is lactose-free and gluten-free). FLUID Recovery also provides glutamine, electrolytes and vitamin C and contains organic vanilla and Dutch processed cocoa (for the Chocolate Wave flavor).Rethink Your Sports Drink

The Top 5 Benefits of FLUID

  1. Energy Restoration: Simple & Complex Carbohydrates in optimal balance replenish muscle glycogen levels after exercise training and competition.
  2. Muscle Repair: Whey Protein Isolate repairs damaged muscle and aids in building new lean muscle.
  3. Reduced Aches & Pains: L-glutamine directly fuels the immune system, aids in tissue repair, and helps to manage exercise-induced inflammation.
  4. Reduced Cramping: Vital electrolytes lost during exercise are replaced and help speed absorption.
  5. Immune System Support: Vitamin C + L-glutamine help scavenge free radicals and nourish a stressed immune system.

 FLUID vs. Other Sports Drinks

Serious athletes drink sports drinks such as FLUID due to their combination of maltodextrin and fructose (in that order). The combination of maltodextrin and fructose equal a complex carbohydrate.

This is vital for athletes as it increases the total “carbohydrate transport” creating available energy and oxidation which in turn will allow athletes to exercise at a higher V02 max once their glycogen stores deplete. This is huge when talking endurance sports. Go longer, further, feel good and be strong!

Sportdrink cautionArtificial sweeteners and high simple sugar content in foods and drinks are such common place in our nutritional chain that many people equate “good taste” with that overly high level of sweetness flavor.

FLUID does not contain artificial ingredients and only contains 8 grams of sugar, therefore it tastes very light with a hint of sweetness that some may interpret as bland. What a pity that a high sugar content and/or artificial sweetness flavor that so many people are addicted to takes priority over great quality and nutritious hydration that’s found in FLUID.

FLUID contains only the highest quality electrolytes and contains none of the “junk” that are in so many of the other products in today’s market. Artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol, maltitol, sucralose (Splenda) aspartame (Equal or Nutrasweet) and xylitol for instance are common place in many sports drinks and nutritional products. Many times they are listed in the first three ingredients in the product, meaning they are very high in content.

Exercise GI DistressThere is well-documented research (and I am sure some of you can speak first hand on this having experienced yourselves) that ingesting these artificial sweeteners can cause diarrhea and major intestinal disorders. Not good news for an athlete!

In fact, in the case of xylitol which has been touted as being “completely safe,” documentation has shown evidence that ingesting xylitol in long term use –more then 3 years– can cause tumors. It is also highly toxic to dogs and can kill them.


In a nutshell FLUID contains no artificial ingredients, stimulants, colors, or flavors and is 100% natural along with being gluten and lactose free.

It’s YOUR body so choose wisely! And… drink your FLUID!