Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training is the science of utilizing different “zones” to maximize your workouts.

The idea is to make your body as efficient as possible when working, drawing on fat as its primary fuel source. In order to do this, you must literally “cross train”  your heart rate at varying intensity levels. You should NEVER work at only one specific level of intensity every time you workout!

More intensity is not always better.

Even if your goal is to burn off fat, you don’t want to solely work at low intensity for long periods of time without ever incorporating higher intensity bursts or intervals. This is true for not only the average person trying to get or stay fit, but also for the very elite athlete as well. Nobody is immune to consistent training in a zone that is too high or too low.

The question is how do I know what “zone” I am in?

Only a Heart Rate Monitor gives you this exact information!

Heart Rate MonitorCommonly, and mistakenly, people think they can judge themselves on how hard they are working. This simply is not true – for even the most body-conscious fitness professionals or lifelong athletes.A difference of just three heart beats per minute can be significant enough to impede your progress. By exercising “blindly” on feel, people are missing out on utilizing one of the most important tools that can literally revolutionize their workouts and get results!

The ONLY way to properly monitor yourself – whether performing a high intensity or lower intensity workout, regardless of your fitness goals – is through the use sports scientific testing and a heart rate monitor.

Get started today with heart rate training by booking your resting metabolic test and finding a heart rate monitor.