Functional Fitness Results Came Quickly

Before I began AVC Elite Training I was reasonably fit. At my checkup, the doctor said for my age (58) my blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate were great. I have cycled weekly for over 30 years and it’s helped to keep my vital statistics in step.

traveling-pushup-58years-strongWhat my yearly physical did not detect, was complete loss of flexibility, repeated back pain and severe hamstring cramps whenever I tried to run ½ mile. In addition, my core strength was nonexistent.  I was not able to complete one pushup or sit-up.

In October I began training with AVC Elite Training. Results came quickly. By December I increased my flexibility, lost eight pounds and increased my core strength. I can now handle multiple sit-ups and pushups. With Amy’s guidance, I saw a physical therapist and began a stretching routine that has eliminated my back and hamstring issues.

Dumbell rowbacksBesides the benefit of better health, the number one reason I continue to attend Amy’s sessions is because they are a blast. Amy works us hard, but her enthusiasm and humor make it worth all the effort.  It’s a great group dedicated to exercise and having fun!

~ Tim

1 thought on “Functional Fitness Results Came Quickly

  1. Wow Tim! You have climbed mountains since you first began training! It has been such a pleasure watching you gain strength,stamina, flexibility, coordination and overall fitness gains these past several months. What a difference! You are a great asset to the group as well…You always show up with such a positive attitude giving every training session 100%. I look forward to future training with you. Thanks so much for all the hard work and efforts. You’re really doing an amazing job!

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