Plank Cross Over“I love this training – it is challenging and fun at the same time. Every workout is different, so it never gets boring.

“It has definitely made me stronger, and I love that!” ~ JoDee


“I have been working out with Amy for about eight years and have never felt stronger or healthier. I love that each training session is unique, challenging, and fun.

Amy is extremely passionate about fitness and is an amazing trainer and person. I completely trust her advice and knowledge, as she is definitely an expert in her field.” ~ Shannon


Taba Shuffles


“At the age of 48 I decide to get fit so I joined AVC Elite Training. Coach Amy is amazing and makes getting fit enjoyable! Her exceptional workouts burn calories, increase endurance and have strengthened my entire body & mind.

I have had numerous compliments from friends & colleagues about the changes they have seen in me and this is only my second session in the group.” ~ Gina


Track Workout



“Workouts with Amy have taken me to fitness levels I never thought possible!” ~ Donna


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