Nothing Else Holds a Candle to This Training

What’s the difference between AVC Elite Training and everything else out there? Amy is the difference!

Battle BulgeI don’t care what the heck everyone else is doing, it doesn’t hold a candle to this training!  I appreciate so much what Amy does for me and all of us, I can’t put it in words.

I have been battling the bulge for years now, and although I thought I was working out hard, I wasn’t doing jack squat until I started with Amy.

That’s my 2 cents on the whole issue. And thanks again Amy; You are the difference!!

~ Dr. Bret Ford

Do you battle the middle-aged bulge? Let Coach Amy help you achieve the body, strength and health you’ve always wanted!

World-Class Personal Training

Amy is the real deal…

Qualified, knowledgeable, hard-working, enthusiastic, funny, motivating. Her workouts are for people who ‘seriously’ want to challenge themselves.

And Amy ‘walks the walk’…

She does every rep in all three of her daily training sessions, and is still able to shout out instructions, encouragement and rep counts. It is amazing how great of shape she is in.

Amy’s experience and passion for fitness

[They] really show in her meticulously-detailed workout regiments that take into account all the variables and levels of her trainees.

Rope TrainingNo two workouts are the same and she has all the latest fitness equipment.  [It is] always a challenging, fun, total workout.

But, the best part about Amy is that she really cares. She encourages – no, demands – constant contact with each of her trainees to see how they are progressing and constantly offers individual advice and encouragement.

For me, she has taught me that there is more to fitness than packing on muscle and doing some cardio. Kettlebell Lunges

I’m now a ‘total-body conditioning’ convert with a heart rate monitor, working on my range of motion, flexibility and core strength.

Fat-loss, strength and muscle tone all fall into line after that I’m learning.

I’ve known Amy since the sixth grade and she has not changed a bit. [She is] still passionate, funny, [and] hard-working. The only difference now is that she is a world-class trainer – and I’m not in the least-bit surprised.

~Chris B.

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