Train Like A Kid

Do you remember when you were a kid doing lots of different physical activity without even really realizing it? From jumping rope, the monkey bars, running, skipping, climbing trees, playing hopscotch, jumping over cracks “not to break your Mom’s back,” we were continually on the move as kids.

Train like a kid again

We did all of these things years ago and yet never gave a thought to them as “training or working out.” We were simply having fun and as a consequence getting incredibly strong and fit to boot. We refined our skills each time we were at “play” learning to move better, improving our coordination and “feel” for a certain activity while gaining better control of our bodies.  We loved to play!

Now as adults, we have pretty much lost all of those skills and tend to gravitate to the more mundane straight forward motion of “exercise.”

Why not reclaim your fitness just as if you were a kid again?  
Rethink your current training or workout program. It’s time to mix things up where you bring more challenge, more dimension into your training while keeping it fresh, ever changing and exciting!

Teach and train your body to become more functionally fit, symmetrically balanced, super strong, incredibly coordinated, more agile, more metabolically efficient (especially now that we’re older) and most importantly…put the fun back into fitness as it once was when we were kids!

Don’t remain stuck in the same ole training patterns that don’t do much to stimulate change, can contribute to injury, and sadly contribute to “burn out” or worse …quitting altogether!

See for yourself why AVC Elite Training changes a life for the better. You will “play” hard just as you did when you were a kid, bringing fun and challenges back in becoming ultra fit!

A Tough Mudder 58th Birthday Present

When first approached with participating the Tough Mudder Challenge, I checked out the website to see what it was all about. I found my heart racing and my breathing become rapid at the sight of crawling through darkened tunnels, darting through 110 volts of live wire and jumping off 15ft platforms! I was thinking, “I’m too old for this!” Consequently, I declined joining the AVC Elite Tough MuddElite-Training-Happy-Hourer Team.

Fast forward to about a month later to a happy hour with AVC Elite Members.  After two Chardonnays, I was on board!  I was still scared but committed! I knew I could run the 12 miles, but all those obstacles!

Amy created a comprehensive program to begin in October. Just prior to this I incurred an injury to my lower back, pirisformis and sciatica. Uh, oh, could I do this now?

I attempted the training with Amy creating modifications for my injury. This assistance along with physical therapy, allowed me to pursue my goal. With persistent effort and Amy’s guidance during training, I was able to run 13 miles and complete the obstacles she devised.

tough-mudder-training-modificationsAmy created tunnels, found fences for us to jump over, parks with monkey bars, climbing walls, as well as, 6ft. walls to scale (with other members’ help of course). She maintained constant communication, support and advice to the TM team.

Amy’s technical guidance allowed me to cope with my injury and improve its status. On February 23, 2013, I along with my fellow teammates completed the Tough Mudder challenge without injury and with smiles on our faces! Happy-58th-Tough-Mudder

I truly believe it was Amy’s intense and supportive coaching that allowed for such a successful outcome for all. I felt an achievement in overcoming some long held fears and coping with an injury that could have side lined me for a long time. It was the best 58th Birthday present I could have given myself!

Thanks Amy for your all your guidance and support!

~ Cynthia

How about celebrating your birthday with the gift of overcoming fear and tackling new goals – at any age. Learn more about AVC Elite Training and how Coach Amy modifies training to suit everybody and every age while achieving new fitness accomplishments.

Redefining What You ‘Think’ You Can Do

I have been training with Amy for many years now and am always interested in her new workout challenges. So, when Amy announced that she would train us for Tough Mudder, I was one of the first to sign up.Agility drills for running I always wanted to do an event like this, but was worried about doing it alone and being properly prepared. I knew with Amy as our leader and coach, we would have no problem conquering 11.75 miles and 21 crazy obstacles.

We started this process with two-hour training sessions and worked our way up to four-hour sessions and 13 miles of running. I am not a runner and never thought I could run 13 miles for anything, yet there I was, week after week, keeping up with the team. I have never felt more strong and “fit” in my entire life!

Amy made sure we were extremely prepared by spending countless hours studying everything she could about Tough Mudder and using this information to plan our workouts. We trained out in the 12 miles of running plus 21 obstaclesrain and mud and even jumped in an extremely cold swimming pool, just to get used to how it would feel when we did the real thing.

On the morning of the actual event, we were nervous and excited at the same time. But once we hit the course, we started to relax and just had fun going from one obstacle to the next.

Tough Mudder Arizona SuccessWe all stayed together and helped each other out when needed. This was truly a team accomplishment. I had so much fun being a part of this adventure and absolutely loved doing the Tough Mudder with the amazingly awesome Team AVC!

I was actually sad when it was all over because our team was like a family.

Thank you Amy for preparing us like no one else ever could.


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