Farther, Faster than Ever with AVC Elite Training

Lateral Step UpsI have been pretty active all my life, but I often found myself getting side tracked at the gym.

I wanted to do strength training, but I didn’t really know how to make sure I did it right – and that I targeted all the muscle groups.

When I first met Amy, and heard about her training, I was extremely intimidated–I was no athlete, and I felt like her training was way out of my league. I was so wrong!

Amy does an awesome job at making everyone feel comfortable at whatever physical level they are at.

There are Cross Training for Runningalways modifications – but she also knows how to push you farther than you thought you could go! I love that every single training session is different.

She is constantly throwing new challenges our way, and making it fun (hello jump sprawls!!!). Amy’s passion for what she does is obvious the minute you meet her. I have become more excited about fitness since starting her classes and my personal fitness level has increased more than I thought possible.

It has been so fun to see my running pace get faster as a direct result of this training! Thank you Amy!!!


Don’t get sidetracked by unfocused workouts. Put the AVC Elite Training Methodology to work for you and go farther and faster than ever, just like JoDee!

Efficient Workouts for Time Crunched

I started Amy’s training classes right after I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, Perfect-Push-Up-Pike-TRXduring my pregnancy Amy’s class really helped keep my strength up. As soon as I was able to work out again I was right back into the next session of training.

I absolutely LOVE Amy’s training sessions for so many reasons. First of all it is a challenge, every time I walk away with the feeling you get when you have had a fantastic workout.

Agility LadderThat is so important to me because I have a very busy schedule, (a full time job, 3 kids). Amy’s class works perfect for my schedule and it gives me so much more than I could ever get at the gym in the same time.

Amy is so encouraging and always keeps us pushing ourselves, because of that I feel much stronger and more capable than I ever have.

The top reason I LOVE her training sessions: We are always doing something new, she introduces new equipment, or new moves every week. She keeps it fun and fresh…..that keeps me engaged!

Thank you Amy for all you do!
~ Jessica

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Best Fitness Program for Your Money in Arizona

I am not a fitness enthusiast at all. I was a former high school athlete that has let the last 30 years go by and watched my once 155 lbs. frame balloon to over 215 lbs. I hit 50 years old and my health dictated that I needed to make a drastic change with my life.

I started with the trekking program first as it seemed like an easy way to get back into the swing of things. Coach Amy made the program fun and challenging and at the end of the program I was able to complete over a 30 mile course on Catalina Island!

Not bad…but it made me want to do more. So I joined the AVC Elite Training small group training sessions and I was hooked.

Amy’s expertise in workout design and structure ensured that we were all working our bodies in a safe, efficient and challenging manner.

My endurance, strength and body image has improved during my one year of the small group training format.

I think this is the best fitness program for the money BAR NONE. Thanks for all that you do for us trainees. You are truly motivating.


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Achieving Fitness Firsts at Age 60 Si, se puede!

Amy and I go way back…..about 15+ years of friendship/fitness.

Amy has vast expertise and knowledge about every aspect of working-out.Best Fitness Program

I have trained with her for small group conditioning, SportBox, Maximum Pump, trekking, running, and AVC Elite Training.

Amy has set up VO2 testing, recommended heart rate monitors & athletic shoes, introduced me to quality performance/recovery drinks & various products to help with fitness.

Everything she has recommended has been a benefit to me.

Running 10K at Age 60I am 60 now and still going strong. I am doing things I never thought I could do, such as trekking 20+ miles on Catalina Island, running a 10K, and working out (and keeping up) with others half my age.

Amy has always had faith in me that I “can do it,” despite my misgivings about my abilities. As I go through my journey to be fit and healthy, I am lucky to have Amy as an incredible amiga and trainer. I value her help and support, and her willingness to always remind me……”si se puede” (yes, you can).

~ Helen

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