Improved Balance & Core Strength

I am only in my second Group Training Program. I was hesitant signing up because apart from having done the Saturday AVC Elite Training trekking and running classes, and trekking on my own, I did very little exercise.

Fitness Feast GroupEveryone in the Training Program is very supportive and ensures that I do the exercise correctly when we work in teams. Although I cannot keep up with the members who have been with the program for several years, either I follow along at my own pace, Coach gives me a modified version, or I [can] always revert to plank.

Due to muscle soreness after each class (I was surprised at how my quads ached since they should be in good condition from my trekking/running), I know that I am getting proper training and that it is essential for me to continue.

Weighted Ball SquatsMy sense of balance is a off, but I am already seeing some progress as many of the exercises are tailored to improve balance. Finally, the two times that I came to the class with AFIB issues, i.e., irregular/high heart rate, my heart rate reverted to normal/low before the class ended. Not bad for 67!

~ Stephen

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