Stronger, More Energetic & Mentally Healthier in 2 Months

I started training with Amy at AVC Elite Training in January 2014 primarily to boost in my exercise regime as part of my New Year’s resolution. Because of her adeptness, diverse training techniques, genuine concern and continued encouragement, I feel stronger physically, noticeably more energetic, and mentally healthier within only two months of participating in her Group Training Program.

Meicine Ball Pickups with TRXNot only is Amy knowledgeable and experienced in how the body reacts to specific exercises, her contagious energy and infectious personality keep me highly motivated and make working out a great deal of fun!

The modifications Amy offered when needed were perfect for my workout the first couple of weeks, but now, because of the endurance I have built through Amy’s training, I am able to participate with proper technique without modifying the exercises.
Kettlebell lunges
Throughout the training, Amy personally monitors each trainee to make sure proper form is managed to prevent injuries and to get the best possible results from each movement performed. She is also very resourceful in offering nutritional advice for an optimum before and after training experience.

Amy’s Group Training Program has enhanced my life and I’m grateful to be part of her program!

~ Susan

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Functional Fitness Results Came Quickly

Before I began AVC Elite Training I was reasonably fit. At my checkup, the doctor said for my age (58) my blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate were great. I have cycled weekly for over 30 years and it’s helped to keep my vital statistics in step.

traveling-pushup-58years-strongWhat my yearly physical did not detect, was complete loss of flexibility, repeated back pain and severe hamstring cramps whenever I tried to run ½ mile. In addition, my core strength was nonexistent.  I was not able to complete one pushup or sit-up.

In October I began training with AVC Elite Training. Results came quickly. By December I increased my flexibility, lost eight pounds and increased my core strength. I can now handle multiple sit-ups and pushups. With Amy’s guidance, I saw a physical therapist and began a stretching routine that has eliminated my back and hamstring issues.

Dumbell rowbacksBesides the benefit of better health, the number one reason I continue to attend Amy’s sessions is because they are a blast. Amy works us hard, but her enthusiasm and humor make it worth all the effort.  It’s a great group dedicated to exercise and having fun!

~ Tim

Best Shape of Her Life at 42 years Strong

I have been training with Amy for almost a year now. I have tried many types of aerobics and/or circuit training type classes trying to find something that I enjoyed and challenged me. Since training with Amy, I have gotten my butt out of bed at the crack of dawn 2 days a week with a smile on my face!

Muscle Rope ExerciseI hate getting up early, but bubbly Amy with her TRX, muscle ropes, muscle jump ropes, tabata intervals, agility work, intense core work, squats and lunges, multitudes of strength work with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, weighted bars and so much more,  makes me want to get up and get going!!

Her guidance, individualized instruction and coaching all pushes each one of us to the limit, but in a safe way as she always places the primary emphasis on form and technique, providing modifications when needed and helping each one of us to be the best that we can be.

TSRX Pikes Ab WorkoutI am 42 years old and I am in the best shape of my life!  I feel stronger each week as the training is ever changing. There is never a dull moment or an ignored muscle as our entire body is 100% engaged throughout every single session.  The best part for me physically…I now actually have abs that are toned and visible!!!  The hard work is worth it as the payback is huge!

Honestly though, one of my favorite parts of the training is seeing my AVC Elite Training Family each week.  We share blood, sweat and tears (tears from laughing so hard) with our fearless leader Amy…otherwise known as “El Diablo!”


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