Strengthening Weaknesses & Correcting Imbalances

So two frightened Elephants walk into a bar and sit down and when they notice their bartender is a mouse……

I discovered Amy through my sister.  I had just started working out at another place and was making very good progress, but felt I needed to take things up a notch.  I made the decision to join AVC Elite Training, giving it a shot and not really knowing what to expect.Walking dumbell lunges

I had heard how brutal Amy’s Training sessions could be, but when I met Amy she was a sweet person and I thought to myself …”Well, this won’t be that bad.”

I found out very quickly just how out of shape I was as it took me about 1 month before I could make it all the way through one of Amy’s Training Sessions.  When I did complete a full one, I felt incredible.

AVC Elite Training makes you feel like you have really accomplished something just after completing one single training session. It is challenging and tough, but makes you feel great and wanting more.

Amy does everything she can to get each person into shape safely and effectively.  Her training will get you where you want to go in getting you into the best physical condition of your life.

Single leg kettlebell lungeOn a personal level, the one thing I credit her with the most is that I have always had a very weak right shoulder. Due to the type of training and conditioning we do, I have strengthened those weaknesses and imbalances in my body.

I was always embarrassed that I could not bench press much weight. The other day I threw up 225 pounds 10 times. I felt great about that and know that I have made some definite progress in my strength and abilities.

Thank you very much Amy for all the torture you have put me through and all the times you have made me laugh.

p.s. You can either be a scared elephant or a mouse that roars.

~ Chad

Got functional fitness imbalances or nagging weakness? Talk to Amy today about how you too can modify within small group sessions and achieve the strength and balance you desire.

2 thoughts on “Strengthening Weaknesses & Correcting Imbalances

  1. Chad I am so proud of you! I know it was a major jump in you taking on this training,but you stuck with it and look at you now! What a difference from several months ago till now! Your positive attitude and your “keep on going” efforts have brought you a long way. The AVC team loves having you on board Chad! I know you’re going to keep on getting better as you continue on your journey. Way to go, Chad!

  2. Chad it has been such a pleasure having you involved in the training. I am telling you, I am so darn proud of you! I know this was a difficult transition for you in the challenges you took on, but you are doing it! Think about where you were when you first started the training and now look at you! You have done incredibly well! You bring a lot of laughs and fun to the group as well and I know I can speak for the gang in saying that we all love having you on board. Just keep on going like you have been and who knows where this journey will take you? It is only going to keep on getting better!! Congratulations Chad!
    You’re awesome!

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