AVC Elite Training Methodology

AVC Elite Training is a comprehensive system of training utilizing the entire body to promote strength, fat loss, muscle tone, range of motion, flexibility, core strength and overall total boTotal Body Training with AVC Elitedy conditioning.

This is not typical health club or gym style training, using exercises and/or machines that segregate muscles and deteriorate the natural functional relationship of movement –  actually promoting injury.

Think about it….

Our bodies move and work in unison reaching, bending over, pulling, pushing, squatting down, twisting all at one time.

When do we ever truly do a bicep curl movement or leg extension movement repetitively or in isolation in our day to day lives?

We don’t!  Therefore training the body this way is actually in many ways doing us more harm then good.

It is imperative to train our bodies the way we move in our every day lives, preventing ourselves from getting hurt while making us stronger and far more fit, along with providing us boundless reserves of energy.

AVC Elite Training engages the total body at once, integrating the core throughout.

Total Body FitnessThis type of training literally incinerates calories, burning as much as 50% more then traditional style training.

Each workout throughout every training program is carefully mapped out providing a technically sound program designed to get results.

Every movement and exercise has purpose with each participant reaching an entirely new level of fitness never thought possible by the individual.

AVC Elite Training also enhances any and every sport and/or recreational activity…something many athletes and/or fitness enthusiasts tend to neglect.

I can speak first hand as I run, cycle, swim, kickbox, power trek, snow ski and more. I am amazed as to how much stronger and efficient I am in all of these activities (and I’m not getting any younger!)

Personally, I can’t imagine how much more difficult all that I love to do would be without incorporating this type of training that I speak and feel so passionately about. It truly gives you that “edge” in everything you do.

Now is the time to get on board and become empowered with AVC Elite Training. It is life changing!