Offers Something Crossfit Never Did

I am a 64 old woman who considers herself in decent shape for my age. In the past I have taken aerobics classes, had personal trainers, and participated in Crossfit.  However, by far AVC is the best overall workout I have ever had.

Kettlebell swingsAmy’s sessions work every part of your body and she always makes sure that every exercise is performed the right way by every member of the class. Before we engage in any exercise, Amy or a class member will demonstrate the exercise and Amy will instruct us in proper technique and the “what not to dos”.

Amy always offers training modifications to a movement for those of us who are age challenged; something Crossfit never did. Most importantly,  Amy’s approach to fitness makes working out and pushing your limits FUN!

I am retiring in April and live about 40 minutes from AVC Elite Training, however I will most definitely continue with AVC Elite Training.

As you can tell I am an avid fan of AVC and recommend joining to anyone who wants to get or stay in shape.
~ Nora M.

Experience the fun of pushing your fitness limits with the encouragement and educated modifications to succeed. Check out upcoming AVC Elite Training sessions today!

The Value of Recovery & Having Fun

I met Amy Van Cleve and started training with her in 2010. My daughter introduced me to Amy and is the one responsible for getting me excited about getting involved with AVC Elite Training since she was already participating in some of her training. At that time, Amy was training a group of people to take on the Trans Catalina Trail on Catalina Island for April 2011. Through the encouragement of my daughter, and Amy’s confidence in my ability to accomplish this goal, I decided to go for it and give it a shot!

Trekking Training for Catalina TrailThe training for Catalina included the Group Training on Mondays and Wednesdays along with big endurance Saturdays. In addition, we hit some mid week training within the group and/or on our own.

Taking on this challenge was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. This is coming from a person who HATED TO WORKOUT, but after I started Amy’s training I started to love it and realize how much better I felt. Plus, it was downright FUN!!

I am currently training for Catalina 2014 in April and am feeling every bit as strong and confident this time around as I did back in 2010.

The Group Training is tough, but Amy and the other trainees in the group make coming to train so much fun that you never realize just how hard you are working. Granted we are working our butts off, but at the same time everyone is laughing and joking. Before you know it all the muscle burn, sweat and struggling is over. Time always goes by so fast! You always feel GREAT by the end of the training session because you just worked your butt off and had fun while doing it.

Kettlebell overhead press on stepAmy continually changes up our training all of the time so you are not doing the same workout over and over again. In addition, she keeps things fresh, always coming up with new movements while keeping our safety in mind for each of us. She works with everyone at their own personal fitness level putting a lot of time and emphasis on our form. I will say that there are a lot of things that I can’t do, but Amy helps me at my level by modifying certain movements so that I can get the same results.

I am definitely building muscle and doing things I could never do before. That’s such a great feeling for me personally.

Amy has taught me how eating well and keeping hydrated helps me perform in our training whether it is the Group Training, Trekking or Running. Amy has taught me how to incorporate electrolytes into our training and the importance of nutrition. I now understand why it is vital to fuel ourselves properly before, during and after our training.

Catalina Trail VistaIn addition, all of us in the training understand the value of recovery and how that is such an important variable to great quality training. This was big for me! I didn’t really know anything about recovery in the past. My thoughts were “Well, I am sore as all out and there isn’t a darn thing I can do about that other than to wait it out until it goes away.”

Amy taught all of us that not only nutrition and hydration play a large role in the recovery process, but other things help us too. I will tell you right now that I don’t always like it at all, but Amy is a big advocate of the foam roller.  IT HURTS like heck, but it works!!  You do recover faster and very importantly you prevent yourself from injuries through foam rolling.

Amy is also an advocate of FLUID Performance and FLUID Recovery.  These are much easier to implement than the foam roller…It doesn’t hurt to drink a FLUID! LOL!    And…..FLUID works!  I can tell the difference when I drink it and when I skip it.  
Amy has a long list of things for us do in the recovery process, all of which works. It’s not always easy to get it done being so busy with our personal lives and all of our training, but I understand that we have to do this in order to be successful in reaching our goals.  It is all worth it!

Amy has been a trainer for a very long time.  Many of the people in her training have been working out with Amy as their coach for many years. I guess you would say that I’m one of the “newer” trainees on board. Amy is a great person who cares about you. She does not want any of us to get hurt and is very concerned about our overall health and fitness. Amy takes her job seriously.

Hawes Trail TrekI have done the gym thing and hired personal trainers over the years and I will tell you that AVC Elite Training is nothing like anything out there. I also love being outdoors and not stuck in a gym.

Amy keeps things on a personal level. Yes, it is group training, but it is also very individualized. The challenges are great, but the rewards are greater!

And again….Did I mention that it is FUN?!!

~Kim F.

Are you ready to escape the gym and discover new fitness challenges? Come experience the rewards – and fun – of AVC Elite Training today!

What the #$*@&% is Elite Training?

So it’s like CrossFit? Nope, it’s better.  Or maybe like HIIT? Well, that’s just part of it.

Get Fit Fast ScamsI get it. It’s a confusing fitness market with lots of gimmicks and get fit quick schemes.

So how do you tell the difference and pick something that gives you what you want?

Visible results, strength, health, encouragement and enjoyment.

AVC Elite Training is a comprehensive training program encompassing:

  • Metabolic Resistance Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Agility and Plyometric Training
  • Functional Training
  • Core Control and Strengthening

Here’s the honest truth. Many people involved in training programs at this level don’t last. Great intentions are there at the beginning being backed by goals such as weight loss, improved fitness gains, sport’s performance enhancement or simply improvements in overall health. But people get distracted and busy with life or find excuses. And that’s ok, we’re not for everyone.

At this point, you might still be asking “What makes AVC Elite Training long term and not just a fad” like so many other training and workout programs?

Here’s my secret…

  • Quality Instruction providing modifications and individualized instruction meeting the needs of each participant.
  • Safety and injury prevention is always foremost while always keeping the trainee challenged. Too many people are getting hurt out there executing (or trying to execute) far too advanced movements being pushed by overzealous trainers that are only putting the trainee at risk for injury.
  • Science based programming that follows proper progression striking the fine balance of pushing the trainee past their comfort zone while achieving success and results!
  • A friendly, positive, motivating and supportive environment. Everyone encourages one another.
  • Fun Functional FitnessFUN! We take our training seriously, but always keep a sense of humor providing lots of laughs. This is a rare quality when executing this type of challenging work among a group. Take out the fun factor and the training becomes like most others out there….pure drudgery!
  • It’s never boring! No two training sessions are alike. You – and your body – will always be wondering “what’s next?”
  • Not just dumbbells…we have the BEST fitness toys to play with!
  • Not limited to age or gender, accommodating most skill levels.

There is a difference in choosing a top notch training and workout program. But don’t just take my word for it. Hear it from fellow trainees who share their first-hand stories. And when you are ready, come and experience the difference yourself. Check out upcoming sessions of AVC Elite Training today.

A Tough Mudder 58th Birthday Present

When first approached with participating the Tough Mudder Challenge, I checked out the website to see what it was all about. I found my heart racing and my breathing become rapid at the sight of crawling through darkened tunnels, darting through 110 volts of live wire and jumping off 15ft platforms! I was thinking, “I’m too old for this!” Consequently, I declined joining the AVC Elite Tough MuddElite-Training-Happy-Hourer Team.

Fast forward to about a month later to a happy hour with AVC Elite Members.  After two Chardonnays, I was on board!  I was still scared but committed! I knew I could run the 12 miles, but all those obstacles!

Amy created a comprehensive program to begin in October. Just prior to this I incurred an injury to my lower back, pirisformis and sciatica. Uh, oh, could I do this now?

I attempted the training with Amy creating modifications for my injury. This assistance along with physical therapy, allowed me to pursue my goal. With persistent effort and Amy’s guidance during training, I was able to run 13 miles and complete the obstacles she devised.

tough-mudder-training-modificationsAmy created tunnels, found fences for us to jump over, parks with monkey bars, climbing walls, as well as, 6ft. walls to scale (with other members’ help of course). She maintained constant communication, support and advice to the TM team.

Amy’s technical guidance allowed me to cope with my injury and improve its status. On February 23, 2013, I along with my fellow teammates completed the Tough Mudder challenge without injury and with smiles on our faces! Happy-58th-Tough-Mudder

I truly believe it was Amy’s intense and supportive coaching that allowed for such a successful outcome for all. I felt an achievement in overcoming some long held fears and coping with an injury that could have side lined me for a long time. It was the best 58th Birthday present I could have given myself!

Thanks Amy for your all your guidance and support!

~ Cynthia

How about celebrating your birthday with the gift of overcoming fear and tackling new goals – at any age. Learn more about AVC Elite Training and how Coach Amy modifies training to suit everybody and every age while achieving new fitness accomplishments.

Never Boring, Killer Fitness Training

I joined the AVC Elite Training team because I was in need of getting refocused on my health. I finally recognized that what I was doing on my own was not cutting it. I knew I needed direction and accountability. Best decision I ever made!

Killer WorkoutsWhat I love about AVC Elite Training is that you not only get one-on-one expertise and personal attention, but you also benefit from the other team members who are more than willing to support and help the new kid on the block. It didn’t matter that I was clearly starting from scratch.

Amy is amazing with recognizing where we each are at in our fitness levels and offers modifications for those of us who may not quite be at the level of others in the group. She’s constantly educating the team on hydration, recovery, avoiding injuries, etc.

You’re not just getting killer work outs, you’re getting a well rounded understanding of what we are doing and why. I certainly didn’t think I would be getting the full package when I signed up.

Our works outs are difficult (sometimes a little intimidating), but they are also fun and always gratifying. Amy is also very thoughtful about what she plans for our work outs, it’s never boring and it’s obvious she has put in a lot of time in planning our time together. No two days are alike!

Although it’s only been a short time I’ve been with the group, I can’t imagine going back to gyms, or going at it alone ever again. There’s nothing like looking forward to get a nice butt kicking two days a week and being accountable not only to our coach, but to our team.

~ Karla

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