Stronger, More Energetic & Mentally Healthier in 2 Months

I started training with Amy at AVC Elite Training in January 2014 primarily to boost in my exercise regime as part of my New Year’s resolution. Because of her adeptness, diverse training techniques, genuine concern and continued encouragement, I feel stronger physically, noticeably more energetic, and mentally healthier within only two months of participating in her Group Training Program.

Meicine Ball Pickups with TRXNot only is Amy knowledgeable and experienced in how the body reacts to specific exercises, her contagious energy and infectious personality keep me highly motivated and make working out a great deal of fun!

The modifications Amy offered when needed were perfect for my workout the first couple of weeks, but now, because of the endurance I have built through Amy’s training, I am able to participate with proper technique without modifying the exercises.
Kettlebell lunges
Throughout the training, Amy personally monitors each trainee to make sure proper form is managed to prevent injuries and to get the best possible results from each movement performed. She is also very resourceful in offering nutritional advice for an optimum before and after training experience.

Amy’s Group Training Program has enhanced my life and I’m grateful to be part of her program!

~ Susan

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A Physically and Mentally Healthier Lifestyle

Approximately a year and a half ago, my sister-in-law talked me into signing up for the Wall ClimbingAVC Elite Training Natural Running Program instructed by Amy, or otherwise known as “Coach AVC.”

I opted for this program knowing that it would only require a couple of hours on my Saturday mornings. At the time, being a full-time working mother of a toddler, I treasured my weekends with my girl and didn’t want to spend a lot of time away from her so this seemed like an ideal fitness program for me.

This choice, also lead me to become a trainee with the AVC Elite Group Training Program meeting two days a week. The Small Group Training Program is so jam packed with diverse and challenging training that I knew I was maximizing my time to its fullest.

Kettlebell training Mesa AZ

I was getting great well rounded instruction along with receiving cutting edge training that has given me incredible results – all in just 2 days a week. What a perfect fit for my busy schedule and lifestyle!

This has all been a life altering decision for me. It has lead to many exciting opportunities, Arizona Tough Mudder Teama physically and mentally healthier lifestyle and the chance to form new and long-lasting friendships. In this past year and a half through Amy’s diverse and informative training classes, I have been able to complete two half marathons and complete the Tough Mudder event as a member of Team AVC Tough Mudder.

Most importantly, by example, I have taught my beautiful and spirited 4 year old daughter that girls can do anything and that an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to live a happy, healthy and fun life!

As my girl gets older, I look forward to making memories and participating in physical activities as a family. Perhaps we will create traditions that my girl will continue with her family in years to come.

Thank you for everything, Amy. My future grandchildren thank you too!


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