Achieving Fitness Firsts at Age 60 Si, se puede!

Amy and I go way back…..about 15+ years of friendship/fitness.

Amy has vast expertise and knowledge about every aspect of working-out.Best Fitness Program

I have trained with her for small group conditioning, SportBox, Maximum Pump, trekking, running, and AVC Elite Training.

Amy has set up VO2 testing, recommended heart rate monitors & athletic shoes, introduced me to quality performance/recovery drinks & various products to help with fitness.

Everything she has recommended has been a benefit to me.

Running 10K at Age 60I am 60 now and still going strong. I am doing things I never thought I could do, such as trekking 20+ miles on Catalina Island, running a 10K, and working out (and keeping up) with others half my age.

Amy has always had faith in me that I “can do it,” despite my misgivings about my abilities. As I go through my journey to be fit and healthy, I am lucky to have Amy as an incredible amiga and trainer. I value her help and support, and her willingness to always remind me……”si se puede” (yes, you can).

~ Helen

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1 thought on “Achieving Fitness Firsts at Age 60 Si, se puede!

  1. Well Helen, all I can say is that you are truly an inspiration to so many people. Your journey has been a grand one, but it is far from over. You will continue to add to that list of accomplishments por que… “Si se puede,” verdad! I cannot believe how much you have grown in not just what you are doing physcially, but in your mental framework and attitude of keeping an open mind to trying new and challenging things. I am so proud of you, Helen…Mi Amiga, mi Hermana. Congratulations on everything!
    I look forward to continuing this journey with you….What lies ahead?
    You’ll see… And… you will take it on, no problem! Muchas Gracias Elena!

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