Best Fitness Program for Your Money in Arizona

I am not a fitness enthusiast at all. I was a former high school athlete that has let the last 30 years go by and watched my once 155 lbs. frame balloon to over 215 lbs. I hit 50 years old and my health dictated that I needed to make a drastic change with my life.

I started with the trekking program first as it seemed like an easy way to get back into the swing of things. Coach Amy made the program fun and challenging and at the end of the program I was able to complete over a 30 mile course on Catalina Island!

Not bad…but it made me want to do more. So I joined the AVC Elite Training small group training sessions and I was hooked.

Amy’s expertise in workout design and structure ensured that we were all working our bodies in a safe, efficient and challenging manner.

My endurance, strength and body image has improved during my one year of the small group training format.

I think this is the best fitness program for the money BAR NONE. Thanks for all that you do for us trainees. You are truly motivating.


Check out upcoming AVC Elite Training Sessions and contact Amy today to reserve your spot in these challenging workout programs right here in Mesa, Arizona.

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  1. John I am so proud of your efforts in getting back into the groove of physical fitness especially after a 30 year hiatus. That is NOT easy! Many people at that point simply never attempt exercise again. Although I know you have a very strong presence in your life that has encouraged you to get get “fit” over the years (wink!) the bottom line is this….”It has to come from within.” You have come such a long way since you started with AVC Elite Training from Catalina, the Group Training, Team AVC Tough Mudder and more. I look forward to our training together hopefully for a very very long time as you hold a very special place in my heart. 🙂

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