Efficient Workouts for Time Crunched

I started Amy’s training classes right after I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, Perfect-Push-Up-Pike-TRXduring my pregnancy Amy’s class really helped keep my strength up. As soon as I was able to work out again I was right back into the next session of training.

I absolutely LOVE Amy’s training sessions for so many reasons. First of all it is a challenge, every time I walk away with the feeling you get when you have had a fantastic workout.

Agility LadderThat is so important to me because I have a very busy schedule, (a full time job, 3 kids). Amy’s class works perfect for my schedule and it gives me so much more than I could ever get at the gym in the same time.

Amy is so encouraging and always keeps us pushing ourselves, because of that I feel much stronger and more capable than I ever have.

The top reason I LOVE her training sessions: We are always doing something new, she introduces new equipment, or new moves every week. She keeps it fun and fresh…..that keeps me engaged!

Thank you Amy for all you do!
~ Jessica

Looking for an efficient yet challenging workout to fit your busy schedule and active lifestyle? AVC Elite Training can help! Contact Coach Amy to learn more.

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  1. Jessica it has been such a pleasure having you be a part of the Group Training. You are a “natural” … Your form and technique is outstanding! I admire the heck out of how you have 3 little ones, a full time job and yet you still make this training a priority. You are a perfect example of …”There are NO excuses in not working out.” You are truly a role model. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you and all that you do. I look forward to more training with you in the future. Thank you so much, Jessica!

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