Offers Something Crossfit Never Did

I am a 64 old woman who considers herself in decent shape for my age. In the past I have taken aerobics classes, had personal trainers, and participated in Crossfit.  However, by far AVC is the best overall workout I have ever had.

Kettlebell swingsAmy’s sessions work every part of your body and she always makes sure that every exercise is performed the right way by every member of the class. Before we engage in any exercise, Amy or a class member will demonstrate the exercise and Amy will instruct us in proper technique and the “what not to dos”.

Amy always offers training modifications to a movement for those of us who are age challenged; something Crossfit never did. Most importantly,  Amy’s approach to fitness makes working out and pushing your limits FUN!

I am retiring in April and live about 40 minutes from AVC Elite Training, however I will most definitely continue with AVC Elite Training.

As you can tell I am an avid fan of AVC and recommend joining to anyone who wants to get or stay in shape.
~ Nora M.

Experience the fun of pushing your fitness limits with the encouragement and educated modifications to succeed. Check out upcoming AVC Elite Training sessions today!

1 thought on “Offers Something Crossfit Never Did

  1. Nora, you are in one word…AMAZING! 64?!? Really? Most of us just shake our heads at that not believing it. You are truly an inspiration! Nora, you are a perfect example proving to all of the nay sayers out there that “age it just a number!” You are in great shape and have the fitness level of many who are half your age running circles aroune most. It is an absolute pleasure and honor having you a being part of the AVC Elite Training Team! And… A BIG Congratulations to you as on your retirement. You won’t be sitting around I know that about you…You’re going to experience life to its fullest being healthy and active. Way to go Nora!!! You’re something else!

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