Listen up Runners…You Need Cross Training

Did you know we lose strength and lean body mass at a rate much faster than any of us would like to know? And that is EVEN if you keep running. Running alone can’t stop the loss.

Running in ArizonaKicking off mile after mile isn’t enough stimulus to strengthen the body.  And a resistance or lifting program becomes even more  as the age of the runner increases.

Since running is pretty much a confined movement pattern that tends to ignore our comprehensive athletic skill development, it is important to challenge your total body as a runner.

What does this mean to you as a runner?

It means getting outside of your comfort zone and pushing the limits thru the implementation of diverse movement patterns that engage the body in ALL ways.

How can runners do this?

This is exactly how we train in small group sessions at AVC Elite Training. We continually mix things up, keeping the body challenged through the incorporation of:

  • Strength Work
  • Explosive Work
  • Core Strengthening and Control Work
  • Coordination and Agility Work
  • Balance Work
  • High Level Multi-Plane Work

Why is this important, even for an experienced runner?

Because functional, multidimensional training rewards a runner with:

  1. Decreased Injury Rates

  2. Improved Balance: After all, running is a series of single leg balances.

  3. Improved Speed and Agility: Both contribute to being a more skilled and efficient runner.

  4. Improved Jumping: Improving your spring and minimizing high loading rates that can cause stress fractures: Practice landing softly hitting those plyometrics.

  5. Improved Core Strength: Weaker Core= Weaker Runner

Runners on the Road

So even if you are not a runner or ever care to be, this form of training is beneficial for everyone to maintain a strong, healthy body and metabolism and slow down the aging process. And – above all and – MOST importantly, protecting and improving overall health!

Looking for a PR at your next race? Let Amy show you how AVC Elite Training can be the missing piece in your running training.

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