Prepare to be Addicted

I am a 29 year old mother of 3, with my youngest being 10 weeks old. I have always been athletic. I played softball, basketball, volleyball, and ran track and cross-country in my “younger” days. After my third child in 3 years my body had never been so out of shape.

I was desperate to lose some weight and get my body back but nervous that it was never going to be the same. Amy Van Cleve of AVC Elite Training has not only helped me lose 6 pounds in only two weeks of training, but I’m confident that I will soon be in the best shape of my life.

AVC Elite Training is like no other. You never do the same workout twice, so it’s not boring, and you work muscles that you never knew you had. Amy also shows you proper form and pushes you to your limit.

I have been doing both the Group Training and the Saturday Scrambles. The Saturday Scrambles place a lot of emphasis on proper running form and technique.

I have been a runner for quite some time and have learned much about proper running form with Amy’s instruction and coaching. She explains the “hows and whys” by implementing form drills and giving us individual feedback which has made us all become better runners.

It has changed my running for the better in more ways than one.

If you are serious about getting back into shape I highly recommend AVC Elite Training! Never again will I go back to a gym. Prepare to be addicted!

~Kelly D.

Are you serious about getting back into shape? Now is the time and AVC Elite Training is the place for the ultimate in cutting edge training. Contact Amy today and prepare to be addicted!