Extreme Challenges & Fun

AVC Elite Training has changed my life in so many ways.  I have tried many different workout programs, gyms, trainers, etc… the past many years.Muscle Roping

It was a time in my life where I was looking for something completely different that would keep me motivated, challenged and getting results all while having fun. AVC Elite Training with Amy has been a great experience and benefit to not only my health, but my overall well being and happiness.

The training is just what I was looking for providing extreme challenges all while having fun in a group setting… And… this training is very effective. The results and benefits I have received have been numerous.

On a personal level in regards to my daily life, I have so much more energy, endurance, stamina and overall enthusiasm especially when I hit my 12 hour shifts as an RN.  In addition, I have lost weight!

Trail Running CatalinaOn a physical level, I am accomplishing some great challenges in the training and noticing significant differences in my abilities.  I am not only participating in AVC Elite Training’s Group Training Program, but I am also training for the AVC Elite Training Catalina 20M and 50K Event in April.

The combination of the Group Training along with the trail training has made my entire body stronger in so many ways.  If you want results and want to reach goals, this is the way to achieve them.

The people at AVC Elite Training are so encouraging and inspiring.  I look forward to our training sessions each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday taking on this challenging work with a fun, supportive and motivating group of people.

In addition, I have actually re-prioritized my work schedule and other commitments in order to be at those training sessions each week.

Thank you Amy!
~ Cathy P.

Are you looking for a new approach to fitness that both challenges and motivates you? Check out AVC Elite Fitness and make a yourself a priority.

Best Fitness Program for Your Money in Arizona

I am not a fitness enthusiast at all. I was a former high school athlete that has let the last 30 years go by and watched my once 155 lbs. frame balloon to over 215 lbs. I hit 50 years old and my health dictated that I needed to make a drastic change with my life.

I started with the trekking program first as it seemed like an easy way to get back into the swing of things. Coach Amy made the program fun and challenging and at the end of the program I was able to complete over a 30 mile course on Catalina Island!

Not bad…but it made me want to do more. So I joined the AVC Elite Training small group training sessions and I was hooked.

Amy’s expertise in workout design and structure ensured that we were all working our bodies in a safe, efficient and challenging manner.

My endurance, strength and body image has improved during my one year of the small group training format.

I think this is the best fitness program for the money BAR NONE. Thanks for all that you do for us trainees. You are truly motivating.


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Superior Training, New Accomplishments

Best Weight Training in ArizonaAmy has been a tremendous inspiration to me in several ways. AVC Elite Training pushes you to a point you never thought you could accomplish.

Amy’s approach to each set of combinations we execute has a well thought out effect on our physical appearance. AVC Elite Training is superior to any place I have been.

Throughout the years Amy has continued to evolve and keep our program on the cutting edge, giving us numerous different varieties of training, keeping us on our toes. As a result, firming, toning, more energy and clothes fitting better [are] the benefit[s] we achieve.

Aside from looking and feeling better, our strength is increased.  Plain and simple, you will get results.

In addition to her undeniable [fitness] knowledge, Amy’s enthusiasm and passion for exercise is truly who she is. She is into fitness for all the right reasons. Motivation is natural to her and it is a driving force for anyone stuck in spot that needs a push!

Once you start her program you won’t ever want to stop!

~ Patti

Check out upcoming AVC Elite Training Sessions and contact Amy today to reserve your spot in the best weight training program in Arizona.