A More Fit, Better Me

Energetic, professional, instructional, intelligent, motivating, caring and knowledgeable are some of the words I use to describe Amy’s coaching and instruction for a more fit and better me!

Motivating Knowledgable CoachingI have been taking Amy’s classes for about 10 years now. It’s hard to believe it has been this long training under Coach Amy.

Her enthusiasm, teaching methods and knowledge of current fitness trends and its effects on the body are commendable and an ongoing source to a more fit me.

Amy is available for questions and ready to assist clients both in and out of class. Amy is conscientious and helps her clients achieve their personal goals. She is helpful with difficulties or in my case, injuries, offering suggestions that can help expedite healing and recovery.

Running Goals MetI have learned awesome, new running techniques, proper ways to weight lift and new and innovative ways to improve cardio and agility.

Amy is always ready to let us know about the newest sports drinks, foods and other [training] aids on the market that assist with intense training and exercise.

I highly recommend Amy’s training to anyone who wants a challenge, is willing to work very hard and not for the faint of heart!

~ Cynthia

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Superior Training, New Accomplishments

Best Weight Training in ArizonaAmy has been a tremendous inspiration to me in several ways. AVC Elite Training pushes you to a point you never thought you could accomplish.

Amy’s approach to each set of combinations we execute has a well thought out effect on our physical appearance. AVC Elite Training is superior to any place I have been.

Throughout the years Amy has continued to evolve and keep our program on the cutting edge, giving us numerous different varieties of training, keeping us on our toes. As a result, firming, toning, more energy and clothes fitting better [are] the benefit[s] we achieve.

Aside from looking and feeling better, our strength is increased.  Plain and simple, you will get results.

In addition to her undeniable [fitness] knowledge, Amy’s enthusiasm and passion for exercise is truly who she is. She is into fitness for all the right reasons. Motivation is natural to her and it is a driving force for anyone stuck in spot that needs a push!

Once you start her program you won’t ever want to stop!

~ Patti

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