Breaking Bad Self-talk Improves Fitness

I’ve always been active in some way, shape or form, but started to fall into that typical slump where I would find myself making excuses not to exercise, either because I had to rush the kids to their practices, or I had to rush home to make dinner or simply because it was just too hot outside.

I stumbled acrossSide-Squat-Walk Amy by accident when I was supposed to be checking out CrossFit.  I thought to myself “Jackpot, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”, then Amy said “CrossFit is across the street,” I was so disappointed, but I went across the street anyway and tried out my one day free trial at CrossFit.

Afterwards, I immediately ran back across the street to AVC Elite Training. It was clear that AVC Elite Training was top notch over what CrossFit had to offer. I just stood there intrigued and so motivated by watching the group train that I knew I had to be part of it. So I joined in May and never looked back.

Double agility ladderI remember watching the group in awe, thinking I could never do the things that they can do, but wanted to so badly. Since I have joined TEAM AVC, I can see my strength and endurance build up each time I train. I’ll admit I still can’t do everything to its fullest, but each session I feel I am getting better, stronger and more proficient in the execution of Amy’s training.

I see all of the incredible results that the other trainees have accomplished in the training which has motivated me to no end to keep on going and to push myself in a positive direction breaking down the “I can’t” attitude and turning it into the “YES I CAN” attitude!

I wish I could explain why I get so excited Sunday night anticipating our Monday morning training so much so that I even lose sleep, but it’s something you would have to experience for yourself. Amy’s training is never the same and never boring.

She takes care of each and every one of us to make sure we don’t over exert ourselves and always reminds us to stay hydrated. She teaches us running techniques and encourages us to take it at our own pace. She monitors our heart rate making it mandatory to wear a heart monitor at all times in our training. She instructs and teaches proper technique and form, keeping our safety in mind at all times.  

Thanks to Amy, I no longer make excuses about not exercising and make my training a priority. It has become a part of my lifestyle now and there’s no turning back. I’ve dropped 10 lbs. (with proper diet of course) and with Amy’s help will continue to build strength and endurance with each class.

Thanks Amy for making such a huge difference in my health and well-being.
~ Sandra M.

Looking to break free of your negative self-talk and discover renewed health and fitness? Be cautious of Crossfit and other fitness fads and find out about your fitness professional. What’s their education? What fitness certifications do they have and who trained them? What do their clients’ say about training with them?  Ask for yourself!

Embrace the Journey

I had a life changing event in February of 2009. My husband of 32 years, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 58. I had to create a “new normal” for me, as I transitioned into this new phase of my life without Jack, I was 57. I decided one of the things that would help “go on with my life” was to try new things, activities I never dreamed I could do.

So I signed up for AVC Elite training classes created by my good friend and fitness expert, Amy Van Cleve. I also began her trekking program.  Before, I was not at “outdoors” person. I preferred to be in a cool, air conditioned gym (with a TV), than be outside exercising.

Trekking was quite a new experience for me.  In 2010, with lots of training from Amy I trekked the Catalina trail for 30+ miles!.  I did it again in 2011, but did 20+ miles. Who would have thought that I could do this, certainly not me.

But Amy never doubted I was capable and was always so encouraging. I was older, slower, was usually at the back of the group, but I was steady at my own pace, and I was able to finish both Catalina treks.

After the trekking program, Amy sponsored a running clinic with the Newton Running shoe company in March of 2011.  Again I was hesitant to sign up, because as a 59 year old, I had never run…..or had any desire to run, plus I thought I was too old for this. But once more, Amy encouraged me to try it.

I was a “blank slate” as far as learning the correct techniques of running. I had no idea about form, foot placement, correct shoes, cadence, body position. I thought you just ran.

In the fall of 2011, Amy offered a running program for all abilities –  from seasoned runners to novices, like me. I decided to try it, with a lot of misgivings, but I was determined to continue my goal of trying new activities. So I became a part of this group, learning how to run correctly.

Throughout the fall and winter we met and Amy taught me how to run the right way.   I learned that good running shoes make all the difference and are a “must.” So, I bought good Newton running shoes, used my heart rate monitor, bought a small metronome for the 180 beats cadence, and actually did some running on my own in my neighborhood.

Each session with Amy was a learning experience, where, she observed my running and made corrections/adjustments where needed.

In December of 2011, I decided to try something really out of my “comfort zone.”  I entered the Phoenix Marathon 10K race that would take place in March of 2012.

With Amy’s running group, and her continued advice/help, I trained for the 10K……me, who never wanted to be outside doing anything, was running 3-4 times a week to get ready for the race. Oh, look where I placed….never in a million years would I have thought this was possible at 60 years old!

Next came the Tough Mudder training. I know my body’s limitations, and I knew Tough Mudder would be too much of a challenge for me, but I wanted to do the running training with the group.  So I joined team AVC Tough Mudders. I did what I could, and I was able to keep up with the team when they ran.

I was slow, but steady, and I had the endurance, thanks to Amy’s running training. It was quite an experience, and worth every early Saturday morning training session (in heat and freezing cold).

It has been quite a journey/adventure. I am so appreciative of my friend (hermana), Amy. She always had faith in me, even when I didn’t. Due to Amy’s expertise and encouragement, I was able to reach my goal of “trying new things,” particularly with my running. So, that’s my story……who knows where the road will lead me next.

~Helen H.

Ready to try something new like Helen? Check out AVC Elite Training Small Group Sessions, Newton Natural Running and/or Tough Mudder with Coach Amy. The only limit to your accomplishments are the hurdles in your mind. Contact Amy today and embrace the journey!

The Latest Fitness Techniques Live Here

I am an “older” woman with a partial kneecap, scoliosis, a bad attitude, and sciatica!

TRX WorkoutAll that said, I truly believe I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, even when I was younger!  Of course, I attribute it all to the years (20+) of training with Amy.

When Amy first started training, exercises were simple, yet effective. As the years went by, Amy has always updated her method of training, which has become much more challenging and intricate.

Today, Amy’s AVC Elite Training IS “elite,” following the latest techniques in the fitness world!

My muscles have NEVER been more confused (which is a good thing) or worked as hard as they are today!  I feel great!

Even though we’re in a group setting, Amy knows each of us, individually, and accommodates each of our “issues.”  She makes sure we’re very aware of how important our hydration is and that nutrition plays a big part in reaching our goals.

A heart rate monitor is a necessary part of our equipment, which allows Amy to “read” our bodies, making sure we are working out safely, yet effectively.

Plank on Medicine BallI’ve loved each and every “Amy workout;” the latest being the best and most effective for ME. There is NO ONE I trust more with my training than Amy Van Cleve!  I probably will be working out with Amy when I’m 80 years old…and I’m sure the workouts will be even more challenging!


Whether you are –  Young or Young at Heart,  in ideal shape or want to gain strength, agility or endurance – AVC Elite Training is for you. Learn more today about small group training sessions in Mesa, Arizona.