The Latest Fitness Techniques Live Here

I am an “older” woman with a partial kneecap, scoliosis, a bad attitude, and sciatica!

TRX WorkoutAll that said, I truly believe I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, even when I was younger!  Of course, I attribute it all to the years (20+) of training with Amy.

When Amy first started training, exercises were simple, yet effective. As the years went by, Amy has always updated her method of training, which has become much more challenging and intricate.

Today, Amy’s AVC Elite Training IS “elite,” following the latest techniques in the fitness world!

My muscles have NEVER been more confused (which is a good thing) or worked as hard as they are today!  I feel great!

Even though we’re in a group setting, Amy knows each of us, individually, and accommodates each of our “issues.”  She makes sure we’re very aware of how important our hydration is and that nutrition plays a big part in reaching our goals.

A heart rate monitor is a necessary part of our equipment, which allows Amy to “read” our bodies, making sure we are working out safely, yet effectively.

Plank on Medicine BallI’ve loved each and every “Amy workout;” the latest being the best and most effective for ME. There is NO ONE I trust more with my training than Amy Van Cleve!  I probably will be working out with Amy when I’m 80 years old…and I’m sure the workouts will be even more challenging!


Whether you are –  Young or Young at Heart,  in ideal shape or want to gain strength, agility or endurance – AVC Elite Training is for you. Learn more today about small group training sessions in Mesa, Arizona.

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