Controlling Diabetes at Any Age

I am a 57 year old Type 1 Diabetic that was looking to lower my A1C blood test results from the 7+ mark that had become the norm and also to improve my core strength that I was seeing diminish with age.

TRX Pike Push UpI knew some loyal followers of AVC Elite Training and was impressed with the results they were experiencing. Within months I could feel & see the improvement in my core.

I continue to surprise myself with the level of fitness that I have attained and how natural it feels to push myself even further. Since starting this exercise regime, my A1C test results have been consistently 6.7 – 6.8. My doctor is impressed & so am I.


Don’t let diabetes – or other medical conditions – keep you from pursuing your health and fitness goals. Training modifications and heart rate monitoring can ensure both your safety and progress, especially within the encouraging community of AVC Elite Training. Contact Coach Amy and come check it out!