9 Absolute Truths of Fitness You Need to Know

It’s back to school time for kids in Arizona so it is also back to training season for many athletes. Let’s start with a review of nine key training truths that can help you choose an effective training routine to achieve the fitness results you want.

Kettlebell Swings1.  Did you know that the only way to increase and maintain muscle is through resistance training?

Pound for pound after the age of 30, the person who does not resistance train loses an average of 7 pounds of muscle every 10 years and replaces it with fat.

2.  Did you know it is never too late to start resistance training?

Even men and women in their 80’s can develop muscle mass through resistance training.  It’s the closest thing to the “fountain of youth!”

3.  Did you know running alone isn’t enough to increase lean tissue?

Running is a great way to strengthen the cardiovascular system and the muscles that move us forward in one plane, but does not strengthen the stabilizing muscles in your lateral and rotational planes. So, you MUST do resistance training to increase lean tissue.

4.  Did you know squats are one of the most functional movements ever?

we love squatsAdditionally, squats are king in muscle utilization and caloric expenditures.

Don’t say “I can’t squat because it is bad for me and they hurt.” You are basically squatting every day when you sit down and stand back up which the average person does about 15-30 times a day.

5.  Did you know that experiencing pain during squats can be a good thing?

If you do feel discomfort during a squat, it is due to imbalances in the body. And these imbalances can be resolved with the help of a good trainer and quality training program.

6.  Did you know that “muscle memory” is real?

Pull UpsAs your muscles become smarter with an increasing range of challenging exercises and movements (performance and consistency), the better that muscle memory becomes.

And this means you bounce back better after a little time off and that the muscle you lost will be far easier to regain due to that muscle memory. So enjoy those vacations!

7.  Did that you know that resistance training isn’t the same as cross training?

In actuality, resistance training is complimentary training that provides comprehensive skill development. Cross training expands your skill set to provide performance gains while keeping you injury free.

8.  Did you know that your athletic and fitness idols love training like you do?

Pro athlete workout favoritesLebron James loves kettlebell training and push ups. Michael Phelps loves weighted pull ups and woodchops with the medicine ball. Roger Federer loves lateral lunges with a twist and jumping rope. Usain Bolt loves squats and plyometrics (box jumps).

9.  Did you know that you can get quality resistance training outside of a gym?

AVC Elite Training incorporates a wide variety of resistance training methods that keep your workouts challenging, motivating, exciting, safe and highly effective.

Check out how you can achieve the results you want – without being confined in a gym or membership contract – while having fun…right here in Mesa, Arizona.

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