Running Reinvented…

I thought my running days were over years ago. The constant pounding on my joints led to numerous aches and pains and as I got older, it was no longer worth the physical toll.

Hooking up with Amy at the gym 5 years ago was a refreshing change. When she proposed this “natural running” concept in the Spring 2011, all I could picture was running barefoot in the jungle!

I was skeptical, thinking “How could running possibly be reinvented? Running is running!” Amy’s enthusiasm won me over and I gave it a try.

Meeting in the park one Saturday morning, Amy introduced the idea of this new way of running and a whole new set of rules which made perfect sense: For me, it’s all in the foot strike.

A mid-foot landing, right in the center of body mass, makes all the difference in the world!  Newton shoes help tremendously with identifying this magic spot and eliminate all the heel cushion that is not needed to run as the body was made to run.

Other corrections followed: slight lean forward, quick steps, not overdoing the heel kick, using a metronome for proper cadence, arms moving correctly on your side.

Putting all of these adjustments together was not easy, it takes constant attention and practice, but when it comes all together, something clicks and suddenly you know you are running effortlessly, efficiently, safely and so smoothly.

I now look forward to running. I rarely have injuries and look forward to the challenge of all the proper techniques coming together for a good run!

~ Donna R.

Are you ready to reinvent your run and experience effortless and efficient running? Let Certified Newton Natural Running Coach Amy give you the tools, tips and feedback to succeed. Contact Amy to get started today!

1 thought on “Running Reinvented…

  1. Donna, You have done an incredible job in adopting Natural Running Form. It has been wonderful observing and assisting you in making your running pain-free, injury free and most of all bringing back the fun to this great mode of fitness. You have worked hard at becoming a better runner and it is paying off in more ways then one for you. Between the group training, Saturday Scrambles and all the running we do, you are keeping incredibly strong and fit. You are a role model to many. Way to go, Donna!
    Wanna run Catalina? I’m thinkin’ we should! 🙂

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