Ready for Action & New Challenges

I am so glad I am back with my coach, Amy, at AVC Elite Training. I started in the beginning of the summer and can see the difference in how I look and feel the benefits of the program.

Decline Push UpsYes, this is a work-out but WOW is it worth the effort!

Amy individualizes each training session so there is no workout boredom. You never know what new challenge will be presented at the session.

All the equipment is provided. Just show up and be ready for the action.


1 thought on “Ready for Action & New Challenges

  1. SO glad to have you on board Wendy! You have come such a long way in a short amount of time. I have trained with you off and on over the past 17+ years and I actually feel you are in better shape now then you were way back when…..Pretty darn incredible! Way to go, Wendy!

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