Great for Beginner to Advanced Fitness Levels

I want to start by saying what a huge inspiration Amy has been in my life.

I met Amy when I was 18 year old and just getting in to fitness. Now, almost 13 years later I am still learning new things from this woman!

KickboxingI have done many different aspects of Amy’s training and have been extremely challenged with all of it. I have always been very impressed with Amy’s ability to scale her group training sessions for the different fitness levels. TRX Push Up

Whether you are a beginner or have an advanced fitness level you are guaranteed to get a GREAT workout.

I have enjoyed every second of the past 13 years of training with Amy and there will be plenty more to come!!!!

~ Alissa

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1 thought on “Great for Beginner to Advanced Fitness Levels

  1. Alissa, what an absolute pleasure it has been watching you mature from a young teenager to an adult who is now a soon to be Mom. I have always said this to you…”You are a woman beyond your years.” You have never been afraid to find things out on your own and go against the “crowd” believing and trusting your instincts, thoughts and values. You have made fitness and nutrition a major part of your life starting at a very early age. That is so admirable…nowadays especially. I am so happy for you and all that you have accomplished over the years in every way. You are truly a role model, Alissa.

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